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The Modi Government Has Established a New Benchmark

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The Modi Government

When Modi won power in 2014 by winning LokSabha elections with massive mandate, he delivered a strong message: “here we are not in all positions, but a responsibility.” Parliamentary bureaucracy, everyone began to fall in line. If increased policy programs or launch foreign welfare for low-income groups, the Modi team has worked hard to meet the expectations of people. Here are 10 important things Modi government has done since taking office:

Economic Reforms and Policy Implementation

Primary care led by Modi government is not in the revival of the Indian economy through major reforms in the field of manufacturing and exporting. The government has not only increased the limits of FDI in railways, insurance and defense, but also the promotion of the privatization of loss-making public sector companies..

Without being overwhelmed by the coalition partners, Modi has persisted with its focus on transformation. On the infrastructure front, the government has already started working on connecting major metros in the diamond ring Rail Corridor project. Reforms and developments are being processed for dream projects Modi: 100 Smart Cities and Clean Ganga Mission.

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Foreign Policy Put on Fast-track Mode

Modi foreign policy is currently focused on improving relations with neighboring countries and get the world to invest in India. In the US, he met with several US business leaders and invited them to be part of the brand in the India program. During his France visit, he urged Airbus, the aerospace giant, to explore the possibilities of manufacturing in India. While in Germany, made a not hard for the initiative in India.

Implementation of Neighbourhood First Policy

One of the major initiatives taken by the Modi government was actively focus on improving ties with immediate neighbors. Invite all the leaders of SAARC countries the opening ceremony of Modi was an aggressive and smart move by Modi as prime minister. She took a bold message to the world that nobody does swear in Asia as we do. This was the first diplomatic victory for Modi and India began to take seriously again.

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Strong Message to Pakistan over Terrorism

India and Pakistan should conduct bilateral negotiations at the level of foreign minister in mid-August, however, the constant interference of the High Commission of Pakistan in the Kashmir Indian politics forced to suspend the talks. In addition, the military issued at the border between India and Pakistan has been given full authority and power to block any attack comes their way. (Violations of cessation).

Mr.Modi also addressed the issue of terrorism on an international platform like the UN.

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India’s Uranium deal with Australia:

Australia is set to sign a nuclear agreement with India could soon to provide about 500 tons of uranium to India. India will be eliminated once the agreement was signed and implemented the safest nuclear power plants that supply the safest nuclear power.

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